Track Info

The Trolley Song

This is the first single released off the Beantown Swing Orchestra’s debut album, Trolley Songs, featuring vocalist Jen Hirsh. It’s a remake of the Judy Garland classic from the 1944 movie Meet Me In St. Louis.

The band also produced a music video, which features Jen in the lead role and John Stevens as the guy with the “light brown derby and bright green tie.” The music video was produced by ten students at Boston University as part of their semester project for a course known as "Hothouse Productions."

The filming took place in April 2011 inside an MBTA Green Line trolley car in Boston, as well as at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel where the band was performing for an MIT graduate student gala. The students also produced a mini-documentary on the making of the music video and the recording of the song.

©1944 Ralph Blaine and Hugh Martin, EMI Feist (ASCAP)

Moon River

This is the only track on the album that features a 14-piece string section and was arranged by Danny Fratina specifically for vocalist Jen Hirsh. The original version was sung by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and won an Academy Award for "Best Original Song" in 1961. It also won the 1962 Grammy Award for "Record of the Year."

©1961 Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini, Sony ATV Harmony (ASCAP)

You’re The Top

Danny Fratina’s arrangement of Cole Porter’s song from the 1934 musical “Anything Goes” is a complex and unpredictable showpiece featuring John Stevens.

©1934 Cole Porter, Warner Bros. Music (ASCAP)

Olde Towne Team

This is an original song written as a tribute to the Boston Red Sox. Watch a live performance video filmed at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, Massachusetts in July 2011.

©2010 Danny Fratina and Micha Goolsby (ASCAP)

The Evil Empire

This original song was written by Micha Goolsby and Danny Fratina as a follow-up to “Olde Towne Team” and features Micha on vocals. It is a tribute to one of the most intense rivalries in baseball – the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.

©2010 Danny Fratina and Micha Goolsby (ASCAP)

Cantina Band

“Cantina Band” is one of two instrumental songs on the Trolley Songs album. The song was composed by John Williams for the movie “Star Wars” as a futuristic interpretation of Benny Goodman style swing music. Danny Fratina’s arrangement provides another interpretation of this music by using Swing Era instruments and style.

Watch a live performance video filmed at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, Massachusetts in July 2011.

©1984 John Williams, Warner-Tamerland (BMI).

To Be In Love Again

This is John Stevens’ first original song recorded with the Beantown Swing Orchestra.

©2011 John Stevens (ASCAP)

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Danny Fratina’s arrangement of the Andrews Sisters’ 1941 classic starts with a trombone soli before Jen Hirsh comes in.

©1941, 1968 Don Raye and Hughie Prince Universal-MCA (ASCAP), Songwriters Guild of America (ASCAP)

Route 66

Danny Fratina’s arrangement of “Route 66″ is slow and bluesy and allows vocalist Jen Hirsh to really show her stuff on one of her favorite songs to sing.

Watch a live performance video filmed at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel in 2011.

©1946 Bobby Troup, Troup-London (ASCAP)

Rhode Island Is Famous For You

The band added this song to its repertoire in 2008 since they play in Rhode Island so often. The arrangement was inspired by Erin McKeown's cover of the song, and the following year the band performed at a wedding at which Erin was in attendance, and she went up and sang the song with the band.

©1948 Howard Dietz, Arthur Schwartz, Warner/Chappell Music

Over The Rainbow

This arrangement was created by Danny Fratina specifically for vocalist Jen Hirsh and the Trolley Songs album. It was inspired by a memorable performance by Jen and the band for a mother-son dance at a wedding in 2009.

©1939, 1966 Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg, EMI Feist (ASCAP)

Happy Birthday

One of two instrumental songs on the Trolley Songs album, this is a tune that everyone knows but almost no one covers. Arranger Danny Fratina created a version that is sure to be your new favorite. After the opening sing-along section the arrangement transitions to an up-tempo, hard swing feel. The band receives many requests to play “Happy Birthday” at gigs and decided to create a version that was new, exciting, and in the swing style.

©1935 Mildred J. Hill, Patty Hill, Warner Bros. Music (ASCAP)

Be Our Guest

From Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, this is the second single to be released off the band's debut album Trolley Songs. The arrangement starts and ends with a “second line” New Orleans style jazz chorus and transitions to a big band swing section in the middle, featuring vocalist John Stevens. The band was first asked to perform this song at a wedding in 2010 just before the dinner was served.

The music video was produced by four students at Boston University as part of their semester project for a course known as Hothouse Productions. The shooting took place at the Island Creek Oyster Bar in Boston in November 2011.

©1991 Howard Ashman, Alan Menken, Walt Disney Music (ASCAP), Wonderland Music (BMI)

Jump, Jive An’ Wail

A crowd favorite at performances, “Jump, Jive An’ Wail” was arranged by Danny Fratina for a swing dance event at Assumption College. Originally scored for one vocalist, the arrangement eventually evolved into a male/female duet featuring Jen Hirsh and John Stevens.

Watch a live performance video filmed at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel in 2011.

©1956, 1984 Louis Prima, EMI April Music (ASCAP)


John Stevens
Jen Hirsh
Laura Brunner
Micha Goolsby


Zoya Tsvetkova – violin
Clayton Mathews – violin
Stephanie Skor – violin
Olga Patramanskaya – violin
Marissa Licata – violin
Yasmine Azaiez – violin
Mia Friedman – violin
Yaeko Miranda Elmaleh – violin
Asuka Usui – violin
Joanna Mattrey – viola
Keith Sanders – viola
Emily Deans – viola
Ariel Friedman – cello
Jeremy Harman – cello
Takeshi Ohbayashi – piano
Chris Brown – guitar
Genevieve Rose – bass
Shinya Fukumori – drums

Mark Zaleski – alto sax
Rick Stone – alto sax
Leon Cotter – tenor sax
Tucker Antell – tenor sax
Melanie Howell – bari sax
Don Clough – trumpet
Yaure Muniz – trumpet
Vivek Patel – trumpet
Daniel Henderson – trumpet
Ryan Dragon – trombone
Clayton Dewalt – trombone
Randy Pingrey – trombone
David Roth – bass trombone

Production Credits

All songs arranged by Danny Fratina.
Big band recorded by Robert Auld and John Weston at Futura Productions in Boston, MA on February 5, 2011.
John Stevens’ vocals recorded by Matt Hayes at Wellspring Sound in Acton, MA on May 31, 2011.
Jen Hirsh’s vocals recorded by Max Coane at Mid City Sound in Los Angeles, CA on February 18, 2011.
Laura Brunner’s vocals recorded by Robert Auld and John Kilgore at John Kilgore Sound & Recording in NYC on July 13, 2011.
Micha Goolsby’s vocals recorded by Chris Ambriati and Bruce Faulconer at Cake Mix Recording in Dallas, TX on June 2, 2011.
Mastered by Allan Tucker at TuckerSound/Foothill Digital in New Rochelle, NY.
Mixed by Robert Auld at Auldworks in NYC.
© 2006-2017 Beantown Swing Orchestra.  All Rights Reserved.