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Dancing In The Snow

“Dancing In The Snow” is an original Christmas song written by Micha Goolsby and Danny Fratina. It’s the only vocal duet on the album. The arrangement begins with a small jazz group and builds until the full big band takes over during the shout chorus.

©2010 Danny Fratina, Micha Goolsby (ASCAP)

I See Christmas

“I See Christmas” is an original song written specifically for American Idol finalist John Stevens. It begins with the string section followed by the piano and vocals and then shifts to a full big band swing.

©2010 Danny Fratina, Micha Goolsby (ASCAP)

The Christmas Song

“The Christmas Song” highlights Laura Brunner’s Ella Fitzgerald-style scatting ability and vocal power. The arrangement starts with a haunting a cappella intro, followed by various instrumental entrances. The song continues to build, entering into a full big band swing just before the bridge.

©1945 Mel Tormé, Bob Wells

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Danny Fratina’s arrangement of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” starts with a dense and adventurous intro that superimposes the melody and a dissonant ensemble of flutes, clarinets, muted trumpets, and strings – meant to represent the sounds of snowfall and stained glass. The instrumentation then becomes sparser to allow the subtle jazz inflections and styling’s of Jen Hirsh’s voice to ring out.

©1944 Ralph Blane, Hugh Martin

White Christmas

Danny Fratina’s arrangement of “White Christmas” begins with the little known intro featuring woodwinds and strings, before diving into a full big band swing.

©1942 Irving Berlin

Let It Snow

©1945 Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

©1934 John Frederick Coots, Haven Gillespie

Christmas Memories

“Christmas Memories” is an original song by Micha Goolsby and Danny Fratina. It was arranged in the style of the Glenn Miller Orchestra and written specifically for Laura Brunner.

©2010 Danny Fratina, Micha Goolsby (ASCAP)

Frosty The Snowman

At 300 beats per minute, this is by far the fastest arrangement the band has ever performed, Christmas or not. The song is finished in just over a minute, even though the form is similar to many of the other songs on the album.

©1950 Jack Rollins, Steven Nelson


“Snowflakes” is an original Christmas song written and sung by Laura Brunner. The modern jazz sound is a departure from the band’s typical swing style, demonstrating the band’s versatility and adding an additional dimension to the album.

©2010 Laura Brunner

O Holy Night

Danny Fratina’s arrangement of “O Holy Night” offers a new take on a classic song. It begins with an intro of flutes, clarinets, muted trumpets, and strings that simulate the sound of church bells during the holiday season. It then enters a traditional-sounding chorus as John Stevens begins to sing. The second chorus offers an unexpected change for the listener as the style switches to a bluesy, gospel-like feel.

©1847 Adolphe Adam

Winter Wonderland

Danny Fratina’s uptempo swing arrangement of “Winter Wonderland” beautifully complements the smooth, laid-back voice of Jen Hirsh. A dissonant interlude before the drum solo and final chorus is an interesting touch that gives this song a unique spin.

©1934 Felix Bernard, Richard B. Smith

Santa Baby

©1953 Joan Javits, Philip Springer, Tony Springer

Christmas Land

©2010 Danny Fratina, Micha Goolsby (ASCAP)

Auld Lang Syne

Danny Fratina’s arrangement of “Auld Lang Syne” begins with a traditional style intro before switching to a driving, up-tempo swing beat, offering an uncommon twist on an old favorite.

©1788 Robert Burns


John Stevens
Jen Hirsh
Laura Brunner
Micha Goolsby


Fung Chern Hwei – violin
Audrey Wright – violin
Shelby Trevor – violin
Anna Williams – violin
Alina Czekala – violin
Orie Furuta – violin
Enosh Kofler – violin
Qianqian Li – violin
Jing Zhang – violin
Zoya Tsvetkova - violin
Clayton Matthews - violin
Stephanie Skor - violin
Olga Patramanskaya - violin
Mia Friedman - violin
Marissa Licata - violin
Yasmine Azaiez - violin
Yaeko Miranda Elmaleh - violin
Asuka Usui - violin
Joanna Mattrey – viola
Keith Sanders – viola
Sam Gold – viola
Emily Deans - viola
Jeremy Harman – cello
Emily Taubl – cello
Mischa Veselov – cello
Ariel Friedman - cello

Steve Boudreau – piano
Takeshi Ohbayashi - piano
Chris Brown – guitar
Genevieve Rose – bass
Austin McMahon – drums
Shinya Fukumori - drums

Mark Zaleski - alto sax
Rick Stone – alto sax
Arthur Felluca – alto sax
Leon Cotter – tenor sax
Tucker Antell – tenor sax
Melanie Howell-Brooks – bari sax
Yaure Muniz – trumpet
John Replogle - trumpet
Daniel Henderson - trumpet
Don Clough – trumpet
Vivek Patel – trumpet
Alex Lee-Clark - trumpet
Chris Rymes – trumpet
Matt Joseph - trumpet
Ryan Dragon – trombone
Randy Pingrey – trombone
Clayton Dewalt - trombone
Scott Flynn - trombone
Tim Lienhard – trombone
David Roth – bass trombone

Production Credits

All songs arranged by Danny Fratina.
Big band recorded by Robert Auld and Dave Snyder at Guilford Sound in Guilford, Vermont on August 14, 2011.
John Stevens’ vocals and Chris Brown’s guitar recorded by Matt Hayes at Wellspring Sound in Acton, Massachusetts on September 15, 2011.
Jen Hirsh’s vocals recorded by Max Coane at Mid City Sound in Los Angeles, CA on September 7, 2011.
Laura Brunner’s vocals recorded by Matt Hayes at Wellspring Sound in Acton, Massachusetts on September 10, 2011.
Micah Goolsby’s vocals recorded by Matt Hayes at Wellspring Sound in Acton, Massachusetts on September 10, 2011.
Chris Brown’s guitar recorded by Matt Hayes at Wellspring Sound in Acton, Massachusetts on September 15, 2011.
Strings recorded by John Weston at Futura Productions in Boston, MA on September 10, 2011.
Mastered by Allan Tucker at TuckerSound/Foothill Digital in New Rochelle, NY.
Mixed by Robert Auld at Auldworks in NYC.
© 2006-2017 Beantown Swing Orchestra.  All Rights Reserved.